Friday, 20 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Week

hey guys, this is only a short post but I am just going to tell you what I am up to tomorrow. I am off the Spitalfields Market, all this week they have been going fashion crazy including tomorrow when I am going :D. It has been Alternative Fashion Week and if you haven't heard about it, I will link it at the bottom where you can learn more. It is going to be my first fashion show I have ever been to, and I am looking so forward to it! 
To give you more insight into Alternative Fashion Week it's basically where new designers showcase there original and creative collections, and so it gives designers the chance to show everyone what they have been working on and what there amazing new innovative idea's are, and the public including bloggers like myself, also buyers, photographers and more of the press will be there to check out all of the amazing clothing and accessorie pieces. It's going to be great! and not only is there going to be a fashion show theres also a fashion market surrounding it which is even better and something to look forward to. 
So tomorrow you should expect a very long blog post all about Alternative Fashion Week and I'm also taking my camera along with me too so you will be able to browse through some of the amazing statement pieces I saw.


Jordane x

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