Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fashion Showw!

hey guys, so it is the day I attended the Alternative Fashion Week, and it was amazing! I love everything about it, the atmosphere, the market, the fashion show and the music. It was all so good! :) When I first got to the market I had a look around the market got only two things because I then had to rush to the show and when I finally got to show I was supposed to be sitting front row but they had all been taken sadly! but I then went and sat at the back which there was only three rows ha ha, but yeah I sat at the back because I wanted to stand up and take some pictures. The pictures I took probably weren't the most proffesional but I had only started using the camera then. The clothes which were shown on the catwalk had very different styles to them and your find out in the photos i'll show. 
The designers - 
  • Happy Villanueva Andrada
  • Louise Attwood
  • Queesra Abbas Dad
  • Christopher King
  • Nina Davies
  • Llaria di Fiore
  • Kharise Francis
  • Angela Gbesmisola
  • Charlotte Haggerty 
  • Brett Le Bratt
  • Ros Hathorn
  • Pamela Kikuma
  • Janet Law 
  • Gerli Liivamagi
  • Honey Malaolu
  • Rebecca Mears
  • Stoyka Shaw

What Did I buy?

Tassel Bag - Market £18 / Studded Shoes - Office(Sale £20)


Jordane x

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