Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Stellar Boutique

hey guys, just recently I have become interested in vintage clothing , and me becoming interested in this type of clothing has made me realise that its not that easy to find. Ok you can go down to Camden market but your not always going to find the best looking vintage clothing. So I surfed the web for some shops online, and I came across The Stellar Boutique and as soon as I went on this website and saw a glimpse of the clothing I knew that I wanted to buy something, and don't worry I will be very shortly. 
 The Stellar Boutique was originally created by Stella herself. She stated a quote which I loved and this was "the need for originality in our lives", I thought this quote was so true and that yes everyone should be original. 

The Stellar Boutique has many different styles for example she has the clothing to suit the people that love 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I think this is great because I'm not sure my self which one of these I am most suited to, and so it gives me a range to choose from. Not only does she sell these styles but she also created menswear, vintage jewellery, boots, belts and also home. The clothing is very retro and very affordable which is great! however at the moment there is an amazing sale, so hurry hurry hurry.

The Stellar Boutique clothes I have my eye on -
Maggie & Me Fringe jacket £39

Oversized denium shirt £26

80s Vintage boyfriend blazer £28

To visit The Stellar Boutique click HERE

Hope you like this blog and found it helpful if your into vintage clothing like me at the moment, and find some fun and retro clothing.



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