Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Hey guys and girls, how you all doing? you good? good.

So today was the first day of celebrating her Majesties Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth I am talking about as you probably do know, and let me just tell you it was beautiful all those small to big boats travelling down the river Thames was just a sight to see, and hopefully you all did have a sneak peak whether you was there yourself or watching it on the television, like me, because it was so cold out and plus it was drizzling. But a British Day without it's British whether wouldn't be the same now would it. While all this celebrating was going on, obviously I was drawn to all the creative, chic and amazing outfits that were worn. 

My eyes were drawn to three women in particular, one being the Queen herself, second the very chic and elegant Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and lastly her identical (not really) sister Pippa Middleton. Starting off the Queen, wore a cream, very stylish beautiful detailed coat with an outstandingly detailed hat which matched perfectly, all designed by Angela Kelly, who obviously has a hand in experienced fashion design. 

(all designed by Angela Kelly)

As I said before the second person to catch my eye is the women I always feel has great style and rocks it effortlessly. Kate Middleton is always in the spot light for her extraordinarily beautiful outfits, whether shes walking down the red carpet, or appearing at an event of the year, for example the Diamond Jubilee. She appeared wearing a very elegant dress designed by Alexander McQueen, seen to be a favorite of Kate's.

(dress designed by Alexander McQueen)
Below I have put together three pieces that were the closet match to the Duchess of Cambridge's outfit for the Diamond Jubilee Pageant and also cheaper!, I hope you like the pieces and find some inspiration. 
Dress - Oasis (£50)
Shoes - ALDO (£60)
Hat - House of Fraser (£59)
Lastly, the lovely Pippa Middleton caught my eye yet again, wearing a very chic dress suit which fit her figure perfectly. She wore a classic navy dress with a jacket over the top which has the detailing of cream colour pockets, collar and button strip, she teamed this with a quilted cream clutch. She looked amazing and very elegant just as her sister did too. She was accompanied by her father, brother and mother aboard one of the thousand boats travelling up and down the Thames.
Pippa (center) with her brother James (left) and mother (right).
That's it for the post today, but I will surely hopefully be back tomorrow to show my excitement for the outfits of the Diamond Jubilee Concert. Be sure to watch the line up on BBC One tomorrow.

Bye.. Jordane xx

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