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Interview - Cass.E

Hey everyone, so it's the second post of the day and I have decided to do something new and I hope for it to be a regular thing. It's going to be about other fashionista's who either have blogs or lookbooks, so if you are interest contact me. I will just asked a couple of questions which are fashion related and it means instead of just getting my views on fashion you can get other peoples views. I hope you like the idea.

Firstly, we have a beautiful British blogger called Cass E. which is her Lookbook name, I will link it HERE, check it out she has some lovely outfits.

Check out her deviantART
The Interview 

1. How would you describe your style? 

Being so changeable and moody with the way I dress, I have trouble pinning it down with words. Some days I'll be quite romantic and prim, and other days, casual and poppy. In general, however, I'd say my style is playful, innocent, matchy and probably often quite contrived, due to my habit of trying very hard too much of the time. 

2. What would you say inspired your dress sense? 

Shaping my style are a couple of my best friends whose styles I just naturally gravitate to, and my mother, who I always go shopping with, to keep my feet on the ground! Other influencing factors are you fashionista's on Lookbook, characters on telly and in video games, even. 

3. What is your favourite high street store? 

My favourite shop is most definitely TK Maxx. Its eclectic and ever-changing stock from a huge range of brands from the obscure to the most renowned means that there's new stuff for me to flick through every time I go there, which is quite often. A lot of my clothes are from TK Maxx but because it's not a shop which caters to any particular style, I don't think anyone can tell by looking at me! 

4. Who's celebrity style do you admire the most and why? 

I think I'm more inspired by characters from telly and cartoons, to be honest. I adore the style of Amy Pond from Doctor Who [], as she's so feisty and effortlessly awesome, and the way she dresses reflects that. 

5. What one fashion item could you not live without? 

I think shoes are extremely important because they're the barrier between my body and the ground, so my essential item would probably be my tan brown knee-high boots I got from China. They're warm, comfortable, versatile and easy on the eyes, so what's not to love?

These are some of the outfits I love most of Cass's:

I love her use of patterns and the coat is so cute with the tights.

I can definitely see how Cass's style is playful, and I can see how she likes to use bright colour's and patterns.

I hope you took a great interest in Cass and would like to see her work, if so I will put some links below for you to click on.

If you would be interested in a short fashion related interview please contact me on my email below by sending you blog address. To be able to take part you must have a blog or Lookbook.

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