Thursday, 21 June 2012

A little obsessed?

Hey dolls, so I have been a little obsessed lately with topshop, not in a way that I have been buying loads because I can't exactly afford a load from there but just browsing has made me so aware of how many beautiful pieces they sell. I have put together some of my favourite peices from Topshop at the moment, some of the pieces actually being in the sale.

The gilet stood out to me straight away because it's so biker esc and will make a pretty outfit look edgy, which is what I obivously love as you would probably know from previous posts (£42).
The aztec leggings are a different for me because I have never wore loud and patterned leggings but I think these would be a change and would look amazing with the leather gilet (£12 in sale).
The new colourful vectra canvas shoes are amazing, I wear the black ones and they have been a life savour for me, they go with every outfit near enough and although these pink ones may not go with every peice of clothing and think they are lovely and so on trend (£28).
Lastly, I have been witnessing a lot of people wearing the back packs instead of the usual shoulder bag and I have realised that they just look soo exciting and vibrant they I would love one. Especially this dip dye one is a perfect on trend hit (£30).

  These four items from Topshop would be definitely an outfit I would wear all together. These scenery leggings are a favourite of many people and I love them too (£20).
Peplum tops are great for people who may want to hide a little hip and I think they look great with leggings, as long as its not too short (£16).
I have had my eyes on these buckled heeled boots for a while now and they are not going out of my mind, I really do think I need them! (£90) (I couldn't find the exact ones but I find the same pair but different colour).
To top of the outfit a little accesorry wouldn't hurt thats why I thought this triange ring was perfect (£5).

I hope you all very much like these items as much as I do but we all are unique and have our own opinions, but I would recommend you to go straight to the TOPSHOP  website.

Jordane x


  1. Wow I love topshop too so much! And now that exams are over and there are sales I can't wait to go shopping - have you finished your gcse's too? All these items are so lovely, I especially like the backpack and the boots! Also, there is a sale on the topshop website at the moment! Just thought you should know! I am following you :) xxx

  2. Me to so many lovely pieces of clothing! I am completeing my exams right now , can't wait for them to be over. Thanks for the follow!x