Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday post.

hey guys, so today it's Sunday as you all probably know because your not stupid, and I have had quite a lovely Sunday, some of you may of you may think it was boring when you finish reading. Firstly, I popped my running trainers on and I was off to the gym(as you may know if you follow me on twitter), and how lovely does it feel to be back on the exercise routine again. I haven't been to the gym for around a month or a bit more just because I have been studying for my GCSE exams that I am completing now, and how I can't wait for them to be over!. Then I came home and made myself a delicious prawn cocktail, as you can see from the third picture at the top, it consisted of peppers, tomatoes, celery, my homemade thousand island sauce and of course prawns which you probably aren't interested to be honest, and that was pretty much it for today, a part from going to the gym it was very relaxing.
Tomorrow, my prom dress should be arriving, I hope it will! I can't wait to see it and try it on and then all I will need to purchase will be a bag and shoes and I am sorted :)

Hope you like this Sunday post, I am thinking of doing one every Sunday just to give more personal topics.

(Yesterday at Camden Lock/Canal)
Jordane x

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