Saturday, 14 July 2012

Well it's been a long time since I've seen you

Hello lovely's, hope you are all doing well.

So sorry to everyone that comes to my blog hoping to find a new blog post each and every day and there hasn't been one, and I am sorry. I have just taken some time away from blogging, which I will do again in a few weeks when I am off on holiday, which I am so excited for. The post may be a little rambling but it's just to show everyone I am back and what I have been up to. 

Last week, I started my healthy dieting and exercise regime, which I hope to keep to. I just find the food I eat is totally a load of rubbish and isn't doing any justice for my skin, hair etc, so I started eating healthy.
I also started a strict exercise regime where I complete an hour of Pilates a day or an hour of gym, and it's going quite well.
In three weeks time I am off to Zakynthos aka Zante for short. You may not of heard of it because not many people have and they look at me a little strangely, which is odd but  it is a really lovely place. I went there last year and the weather was great, the restaurants served lovely food, it was just a lovely peaceful holiday with my family.
I am not really sure what else to talk about as not much has been going on in my life at the moment as I have finished all my exams and I am just relaxing waiting for the grades now. But one more thing I am looking for some work experience that I could do for a short period, which is related to fashion. If anyone knows anything the is similar to this please comment I would most appreciate it. Also does anyone want a blog feature, email me if so.

I will be back soon to talk more but until then, BYE!

Jordane x

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