Saturday, 11 August 2012

My latest buys.

Hey everyone, so I am back from my weeks holiday and I have to say it was just wonderful. The weather was lovely and hot, maybe a little too hot but nice. I'm not going into much detail on how my holiday went because I want to put it in a separate post when I show you some photo's of my outfits. But this post is just a carry on from one a did a while back showing my latest buys. I specifically took a trip down to Oxford Street to buy a jacket from Topshop which I was successful in and I love it, I also was a little cheeky and purchased a couple of other items too.

So above shows you the items I brought and I am absolutely in love which all of them, even the little ones. To start of with my main reason for going shopping was the buy the faux leather jacket. I saw it a few weeks back before my holiday and I had my eyes set on it and as my old Lipsy jacket which you may have all seen a bit too much was getting a tad old, so I thought I would update. Also the one thing I love about this jacket is that it had a detachable fur collar which is great. It's practically two in one. It was a little pricey at £58 but it seems to be great quality and I love the fitting of it. To find this item on the Topshop website click HERE. The next item I brought is the jean jacket, I have been meaning to buy a new one for quite a bit and I love this one. If you haven't noticed already studs are such a huge statement for this season and I love them, on absolutely everything, so when I found this coat I was like YES!! because of the detailing of the rose gold studs. This coat was in Primark for £18. ( I am unable to link this coat as Primark do not have a website but I did only just buy this today so it will most definitely be in the store for quite a while. Hopefully). Another item from Primark are the little suede, heeled booties with the lovely silver studs on to heel. These boots will go with so much, jeans, leggings and they even look great with skirts. These were also £18. My last item from Primark is the tinest thing, it is a lovely big sparkly silver ring which I am obsessed with, I love it and it was only £2. Lastly I brought a basic pack of silver bangles from Forever 21, for just under £4. 

Nail Varnish - No7 (Pinky Pure)

Jordane x

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