Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to School/College/University Outfits

Hi, everyone so doing all these competitions of putting outfits together from different stores has made me want to do it for myself but using the clothing items from my personal wardrobe and for a specific occasion being going back to school, college or university. This is a little late though because people went back to school today but for the people who haven't then this may be a little useful. I have created five outfits for each five days a week you are in school etc. So I hope you enjoy this post.

Outfit 1 - Monday

So for this outfit its very casual and comfortable, perfect for a Monday, when your tired and not really bothered for dressing up. So I have just put together some H&M jeans, a printed tee, leather jacket from Topshop, my flat form converse esc trainers and a Primark studded bag, with a trendy pair of aviator sunglasses from H&M to hide those eye bags from waking up to early. 

Outfit 2 - Tuesday 

So on a Tuesday your always a little more settled in for the week and will decide to put something on a little fancier, well I would! Also at the moment all my readers know how much I have a love for shorts. So I paired these beetroot trendy shorts, with a pair of tights because it's getting a little chilly, a printed tee and also again my leather coat. Lastly, my little studded heel boots because I love a little bit of studs and leather. Oh and don't forget the retro Lennon sunnies!

Outfit 3 - Wednesday 

So it's Wednesday, the middle of the week and ain't we all a little down, I have no idea why but we all were in my secondary school, so you obviously aren't going to feel like putting something too dressy on, so a pair of jeans will be good. I put my favourite Primark jeans paired with a with blouse from River Island with my Primark khaki jacket on top and a pair of ragged old white converse. 

Day 3 - Thursday

So in this outfit, I have used my new leather esc waistcoat which I shown in just a previous post, and I wore it with my H&M riding pants, Primark black and white speckled jumper and my office heeled shoes. 

Outfit 5 - Friday

I love this outfit, its pretty girly because of the dress but then mix it up and making it grungy by adding the leather, some tights and my worker boots, lovely!

So I hope I was helpful if you haven't yet gone back to school/college or university and I will be soon for more tasteful blog posts, oh and do you like my new layout and heading on the blog???

Jordane x

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