Monday, 22 October 2012


Riding Pants - H&M
Jacket - ASOS 'Hearts & Bows'
Brogues - H&M
Bag - Primark

So I have took a long time out of blogging, I've just been really busy with starting up at college and also having a part-time job, its like I just don't have time anymore. But this is my second blog and the first one stopped when I thought I didn't have time, and I know the same situation has come around again but I truly don't want this blog to finish. I have had a tremendous amount of views from all around the world which I am very thankful for and I hope you all continue to come back for more.

And as you can see from my outfit post which was taken a couple of days ago, I am know part of the camo crew, and I love it!

Jordane x

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  1. Love the military trend, and really like your shirt! Check out my blog and we could follow each ther if you'd like :-)