Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Winter Essentials #1 - Coats & Jackets

So it's autumn time, but I think it's safe to say its practically winter, that's if your living here in London, because its freezing! and so this is the first of my 'Winter Essential' posts, giving you a whole load of tips on what stylish clothing pieces will be great to wear this winter. Each post will focus a certain high street store, so this one will focus on H&M and I'm going to be blogging my picks from there coats and jackets. I'm not going to lie though and say I love every coat I'm showing you, because I don't, some of them just aren't the type I'd pick, but this for your (my readers) to develop a few idea's of what you may want to buy for your winter wardrobe.

These first three jackets, all include fur. Fur can be a big hit with alot of people and was definitely a big hit last year, because I see so many people wearing it. If your more daring you could go for a whole fur jacket or if your less daring just the collars, both as stylish!

Now these are my least favourite just because I don't in particular like H&M's puffa coats, but Zara's are very classy but a little more pricier than these.

Parka jackets are also a very popular coat, I see them in mostly every shop and I see a lot of people wearing them. Apart from these ones from H&M , Berksha do very nice stylish ones including a little leather on the arms.

Smart Coats
So recently, I picked myself up a smart coat from Topshop a little different to these (I will blog and show you soon) but they are really warm coats, so worth the price. There are so many different ones to choose from, with colour, patterns, styles. But they are all very stylish.

So that's it for 'Winter Essentials #1' I hope you have found this helpful. One little bit of advice ff you are buying a coat for an expensive price I wouldn't buy the first one you've set your eyes on, because you'll probably go next door to a different store and see an even better one. So have a look around before you start dishing out the cash.

Jordane x

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