Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter Essentials #2 - Gloves

Hey , so this is the second of my winter essential posts, and today I've picked out a bunch of gloves, which all come from ASOS, hope you find some idea's. 

 So the first option for you is leather gloves, obviously they don't need to be real leather, faux ones will be fine, but you can definitely find many different types.
 Obviously your five finger gloves are just your normal basic ones which you can find different colour, patterns,and are all very stylish.
And lastly, mittens aren't everyone's favourite because they can get annoying keep taking them off and putting them on every time you need to do something but they are definitely warm!

Jordane x


  1. I love the right wrong gloves! Do you know where I can get them from?

  2. you can buy them from ASOS, they are in the sale now at £25 :)