Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Style Icons

Hey everyone, so lots of people have icons who they look up to, to be inspiration in some way, and I just end up to have more than one style icon, I always love what they wear, and they are huge icons in the fashion industry.

 Jameela Jamil

I love Jameela's use of accessorizing  She loves to add hats, cute socks, bags and jewellery and this all makes up an outfit some way or another. Not just that she has amazing taste in the actual clothes she wears. I love the way shes wore this studded leather skater skirt, with a fresh clean blouse to make it look girly, and added the hat for the retro look.

 Olivia Palerma

 I've always fell in love with everything Olivia Palermo has worn, and if you haven't already go check out one of my very first posts and Palermo's style. Olivia has the power to wear many different patterns in one outfit and actually pull it off, and not many people can.

Zara Martin

 Just recently I've come across Zara Martin when watching 'Show me your wardrobe' and to me she looks as if she wears quite casual clothes but she looks very stylish. In the picture above I love how shes put together different textures, this autumn/winter i'm all for textures so when I see someone wearing it I will fall in love.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is just the face of fashion, she is such a huge style icon in the fashion industry and I'm guessing she is a style icon to many people out there. Shes won many style awards for her fashion brilliance. In the picture above shes wearing leather which I automatically love, and I also love the casual grunge tee with the pretty, girly,  floral skirt. 

Who's your style icons?

Jordane x

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