Sunday, 8 September 2013

Current WANT list! [September] ASOS

So I haven't blogged for a while. Probably longer than a while, and my only excuse is that I've working, but that is probably the lamest excuse I could possibly have, because its a part time job and I've had over two months off college on summer holidays. So I've had plenty of free time to blog but I think I've just been very lazy. The thing is, English Literature is one of my a-levels and I think I write way to much in that class, and so having to write even more e.g. on this blog tires me out even thinking about it. So I've had a thought to shorten my blog posts and keep it to images & obviously some writing, but mainly images, because it will make it more enjoyable for me and I think you ladies and gentlemen too.

So a lot has been going on recently in the world and closer to home. Such as the Syria news.... very scary, and a-level results... eeeeeeeeeeeee! and there's a lot more over the coming weeks of September such as, if you don't already know. Fashion Week! Now I obviously haven't got any invites because if I did I would be ecstatic with happiness, but sadly not enough viewers or likers! maybe next year. I feel like I've said too much already, so this blog post is giving you a little insight into the items I'm lusting over at the moment and they're all from Asos, because that's my favourite shop at the moment. Enjoy!
Image 1 of New Look Presentation Extreme Strap Single Sole Heeled Sandals
Image 1 of Just Female Fashion Sweatshirt

Image 1 of Brashy Couture Made In The Recession T-Shirt

Image 4 of Glamorous PU Mini Skirt

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