Wednesday, 18 September 2013

"the catwalks need difference"

 Recently there has been a lot of back lash over whether there are not enough black models on the catwalk of fashion shows. There has also been a lot of opinions, this statement was first brought to light when Naomi Campbell, one of the most recognizable models of the 1980s and 1990s, explained that "Racist" Runways Must End. Caryn Franklin former co-editor of i-D magazine and fashion commentator expressed her views towards the touching subject explaining "Corporation bosses have created their own rigid view of beauty and femininity – and that is very thin, very young Caucasian women".

I think that this type of subject has two sides to it, which I definitely think there is, because I see both white and black models on the runway and watching London Fashion Week I have seen both on the catwalk, however it is true to say there is definitely not a proportionate amount of white models to black models. The catwalks are dominated by Caucasian women but its not right to jump straight in a talk about racism because it's being racist. In the end of the day fashion designers look for the slimmest and tallest models to walk on the catwalk showcasing the clothing creations, and I believe this is more important to them rather than having a black model walk in there designs. Jordan Dunn a very famous black model of this generation has walked the catwalk in many shows this season, and she's absolutely beautiful, and the clothes look amazing on her.

Overall, as I said I don't think fashion houses/designers take much interest into whether a white or black women will wear there clothes, their thoughts are dominated by whether the model is skinny and tall. But I don't want to be bias, I do think there should be more black models on the runway, because clothes are about difference and uniqueness and I think if there's just Caucasian models, everything will look the same. The catwalks need difference.

I realise this is a very controversial topic to speak about, and in no way do I want to upset or frustrate anyone, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and give you all something to read. Fashion should be creativity and different.

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