Friday, 6 April 2012

The Fashion Items i'm wanting!

Hey Guys! so this just gives you an insight into the sort of fashion trends I go for and what im liking at the moment. The items i've shown below are just what i'm interested in and ofcourse would love to have, but as i'm only 16 years old I have quite a tight budget on what I can buy , so hopefully in the future i'll be able to buy myself theses luxuries myself. You might be able to tell that i'm really into studs and spikes at the moment, and that is true, I think adding studs to your clothes/outfit really gives a retro look which i'm loving at the moment. The American Apparel Disco Pants I am absolutely in love with, you can dress them up with a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell lita's or dress them down with a pair of chelsea boots or your favourite pair of dolly's! the only bad point is the price. The Zara's shoppers bag is a very chic accessorie to have with you in my opinion, you can choose from two different colours either the brown or black, but both very stylish and affordable at £39.99. The studded shorts I think are amazing but looking for the right pair can be quite difficult and expensive, so instead of paying the high price, why dont you just pick up any pair of shorts and a packet of studs and do them your self. Easy Peasy :)


Jordane x
Zara's Shoppers bag
Jeffrey Campbell Studded platforms

Studded highwaisted denim shorts
American Apparel Disco Pants

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