Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pixie Lott style overview

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Victoria Louise Lott also known as Pixie Lott is an English singer and songwriter, also a dancer AND actress. We may all see Lott as just a singer but shes got her hidden talents. Lott also starred in her first film, Fred: The Movie. Which I haven't watched, I'm so gutted. Pixie Lott had started song writing in her early teens but her debut album was released in June 2009 and is still singing now.

More on to fashion now. Shes known for her singing and song writing but shes also known in the fashion mags for her imaginative and quirky fashion sense. Lott's style is a combination of retro and modern, she also gets influenced by the 60s fashion trends, which if you had forgotten is mini's and short hair and Pixie Lott knows how to rock a good bob.

Pixie Lott loves to add accessories to her outfits, whether it's collars, cat ears or knee high socks, but all I know is that she looks great! and she should carry on. 
Just like some of the other style crazy celebrities, Lott adds abit of high street into her outfits, and who doesn't love abit of Topshop or H&M.

If some of you don't already know, Pixie Lott designed an exclusive fashion range for the high street store Lipsy. The designs she created reflected her party and festival side. Pixie's festival range for Lipsy showed a very funky side and gave a vintage look to the collection. Whereas Pixie's Party range illustrated a cute and sexy side. 

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