Thursday, 12 April 2012

my must have wardrobe clothing items

hey dolls, so everyone has there certain clothing items which they may wear the most or which goes with the most and that's exactly the same with me, I have different items in my wardrobe which I don't think I could live without, well at the moment of course. Below I will be showing you which items they are and why I possibly can't do without them :)

H&M jean shirt

I feel this jean shirt can go with all my outfits, whether its a bodycon skirt, leggins but not jeans because that doesnt work in my opinion.
Topshop studded loafers
These loafers I absolutely love, I have been literally wearing these everyday. They go with everything I wear at the moment, so I am in love. I better buy another pair before they leave the stores for good!

The picture above makes this clothing item a little bland, but add some quirky writing and your sorted.

Topshop chelsea boots
These boots were one of my best buys, they are a little pricey at £60, but trust me they are worth it, they can bring an over the top outfit to look casual and thats why I love them.
Topshop black quilted jacket
Let me just say I know there is quite abit of topshop items here, but thats a good thing it means they can be very handy items to have in your wardrobe, but back to the jacket I think its a great stylish jacket, however it isn't the thickest but who cares when it looks that great.

High-waisted Levi shorts

My Levi shorts I have at the moment, were the ones brought from Camden market only £15 which makes them more amazing than what they actually are, but I think they give a very vintage or retro look to your outfit which is obviously my favourite look right now, and soon I'm also thinking about adding a few studs the them, spice them up a little bit ;)
Running trainers
(These ain't the exact some ones as mine but a close look-a-like)
This might be a weird item to show, but I have been more and more going to the gym and these babies work well. They are so comfortable and my feet don't hurt one bit when jogging on the treadmill lol.

So this is it for my must have wardrobe clothing items, hope you like and yeah learnt something new about the items you havnt yet maybe seen or used.


Jordane x

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