Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring 2012 trends

hey guys, so its spring 2012 which means new trends are appearing in the high street and designer stores but its about knowing what clothes are now in the trending spotlight, so on this blog post I'm just going to be writing about the Spring 2012 seasonal fashion trends and how you may want to style them.
It was known that Fashion Week served up a bundle of fun and exciting trends including statement prints and patterns to different colour combinations.

The first trend of this years spring fashion is the colour blocking, if you don't know what colour blocking is, it's putting the boldest and brightest colour into one outfit, and by doing this to your everyday or night outfits it will make you look confident and glamorous. 

The next trend in this years Spring 2012 wardrobe is, Prints and Patterns. This year you don't need to worry about your outfit looking to cluttered with bold prints because this is the look everyone, even the most renowned designers are going for and guess what... the celebs are all for it too. The art of this trend is to wear your boldest prints head to toe whether its floral or Aztec prints.

The next Spring trend which everyone is talking about is the Pastels, and the high street stores are covered in it, and no doubt the designer boutiques too. If you aren't into or not that confident about wearing the prints or the bold colour blocking trend, worry not, the fashion designers have created the sorbet like colours to give a chic and elegant finish to your clothes, jewellery and accessories. Also the pastels are very popular when it comes the jeans.

Kate middleton's Jeans
Kim Kardashian's Blazer

Thats it for todays blog post but I hope you've seen some great trends which you can insert into your wardrobe for Spring 2012.


Jordane x


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