Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hey dolls, so i'm new to 'blogger' and trying to learn how to use this site LOL!. Since I was around about the age of 14, so thats only a couple of years ago, I started getting interested in fashion and everything about the fashion world, even if I was just going to Oxford Street for window shopping. But just recently I have become so interested in going into more detail about the fashion industry and learning about all the designers and even the highstreet stores I dont know about. I decided when I get to the working world which isnt that long away, I want to be working with fashion, for example a fashion journalist or an editor for the biggest magazines around, which I know is going to take a long time but I am willing to take the risk. However if I want to work in these amazing jobs I need to start somewhere, so I read a couple of websites about where I get started and they told me to start a portfolio with all my magazine cut-outs of my favourite fashion trends of the season and start to put it together, and thats just what ive started, also I was told making a blog which could also be very useful. I have created a couple of blogs before on just random stuff and that hasnt really got me far, the reason why I never really stuck with it and so I didnt get really many readers or followers so I gave up all together, but hopefully with this blog it will be all good! :) 
If your interested in fashion and the latest fashion trends then please check out my blog either once a month or week, or even day if your want to! lol, and I promise I will keep to blogging everyday.
I know many bloggers, blog about beauty aswell as fashion but I am only strictly going to update about fashion the reason why is because i'm not mad about beauty but I am about fashion.



Jordane x

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