Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dressed to impress or not?

Hey Everyone, second post of the today. I decided that I wanted to do something new. Over the week I skim over Daily Mail Online in the Showbiz section and see so many celebs either rocking a great outfit and some that just doesn't take to my fancy, which I suppose not everyone likes the same thing but I just thought I would show you what I like and don't like. I hope you enjoy reading :)


Caroline Flack

 I think Caroline looks absolutely amazing in this little outfit of hers. Flack is known for her long, toned, and bronzed legs, and she definitely shows them off here. The neon bright ankle strap courts gives so much length to her legs making them even more elongated. Also, in comparison to fashion, doesn't her hair look amazing?

Kelly Brook

The colour's in Kelly's outfit really caught my eye, which is unusual because dark colour's wouldn't really catch your eyes. But the two-tone plum colour in Kelly's dress really stood out and matched beautiful with her patent courts, and obviously her hair to. Just a perfect outfit!


Tulisa Contostavlos

When I had noticed Tulisa's hair, I was completely turned off, I just think the brown hair matched her skin tone much better and suited her fashion sense much better. Tulisa's playsuit I actually quite light but I am not really taken to the high neck, and I personally don't where necklaces with high necked tops, so it was just a no go for me.

(Me commenting and giving my positive and negative views on the following celebrities outfits are all from my own person views, I hope no-one who reads my blog is affected by this.)

Jordane x

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