Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Lastest buys.

Hello Lovely's,

So sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I havn't been feeling to well, but I am all better now. The image above just shows you a couple of the items I have brought, and it was also my last retail shopping trip until after my holiday. Oh and guess what guys, I found a dupe of the Zara khakie with leather arms jacket. I was so excited when I layed my eyes on it. It is from Primark and for only £25. The material I believe is obivoulsy thinner and cheaper than the original from Zara, but you seriously couldn't go wrong for only £25.
Also the black studded bag is also from Primark, (I gotta say I am liking Primark at the moment) it was £12 which I think is worth it and I love studs so its perfecto!. The white hat is for my holiday, I got such a big one because I am a bit fussy when I comes to the sun on my face, so hopefully it should be good. A couple of the items e.g. leapord print playsuit £3 and black and white skirt £2, are both from H&M and were in the sale for great prices and I think they will look great on my holiday. Lastly, the black skorts with colourful flowers on is from Primark, in the sale from £10 to £5 and I love it because it's just so flattering and looks great with a cropped jean jacket.

Hope you are all well, see you soon.

Jordane x

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