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Tropical Holidays, Packing and Tips PART 1

Second post of the day guys, thought I would catch up on what I need to do. I have been packing as you can obviously see from the pictures above, and how cute does my little Oskar look, I wish I could pack him and bring him with me. I haven't shown completely everything I am taking because I still have a few days until I go so I will put the rest in at last minute. But overall I have different colours, prints and styles of clothing which I love and can't wait to wear. I am packing some heels and wedges but I am not too sure whether I will wear them because by the end of a day on my holiday, I am a little knackered from sight-seeing and walking around so my feet want to feel relaxed. So I might just stick to my flat sandals.


When you do go to a hot country for a holiday you want to take the right items. So taking a pair of jeans, trainers and a jumper, will be highly wrong, in less you do like to wear these items in forty degree's heat that's fine. But I rather feel relaxed, cool and weather appropriate.


So for the day time on your holiday you'll need some swim wear for whether your taking a dip in the pool or frolicking in the ocean, so I have gathered some different options of swim wear, all from Topshop but you would be able to find similar versions from cheaper stores such as Primark, H&M or New Look.

 Triangle bikini's are great on a summer holiday if your taking part in activities where they may affect your bikini top falling down, but with a triangle bikini they are always going to stay up, but you may get a few tan lines. The purple palm print is definiely an eye catcher for walking along the beach. A purple bikini will look great with an olive skin tone.

A few weeks ago when I was on the look out for some swim wear for my holiday, I came across a few really nice swim suits and my mum would comment saying "your young why do you want to wear a swim suit", but I don't believe you should listen to that because every individual has a different body shape, and some people do really suit one-pieces such as the one above. The print is quite similar too the previous swim wear as they both have the palm tree print. But what better for a tropical holiday. This one item has a variety of different colours so it will suit a few different skin tones. The blue will match olivie skin tones, the peachy, orange colours will suit caramel skin tones. So various skin tones will match.

This two piece will suit a women with bigger curves, as if will hide the unflattering curves and shape you into having a beautiful hour-glass figure so show off. Black as a colour will always make a person look slimmer which is an extra bonus. The bandeau bikini top won't show up any unwanted tan lines as there are not straps. You could also dress this plain bikini up with a kaftan for some afternoon lunch.


(The day wear which I will show are all items from River Island and will not necessarily match the items in the Swim wear section).$hero$

Tassels look great on the beach, paired with the crochet detailing will look awsome with a bright, neon bikini underneath. The shape of the dress will also suit many different shapes and sizes. You may not need to add too many accerssories to dress this up but if you want to a straw hat and some cut flip flops will look lovely.$hero$

This aztec print dress from River Island cannot be paired with a printed bikini/swimsuit underneath, keep it simple and it will look just right. The cinched in waist will look great on a curvy women too outline her voluptuous figure.


Cat-eye sunglasses are a big hit this year, with Olivia Palermo and many other celebrities wearing them, they will be a fashion statement for on the beach.


This year I bought myself a big floppy hat and I can't wait to wear it. As like the sunglasses they are a statement piece but you don't need to wear one as big you can go for a smaller one but will still look as good.$prod_details_hero$
If you want your beach/around the pool footwear to be a little more exciting them just a plain pair of flip flops why not opt for a cute little pair of jelly sandals with a little bit of diamond detailing.

Ok, so I believe every girl should carry a bag (my opinion, inless your very tired), this leapord print beach bag would look great with a little simple bikini/swimsuit, but again not something too printy because otherwise everything will clash and your may end up looking a little weird on the beach.

Thats it for this post, because if I keep going this post will be very long and maybe abit boring, but I will carry on tomorrow with Night-time outfits.

Jordane x

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