Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2012 London Olympic Games.

Hey Everyone, so yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Olympic Stadium and actually watch one of the events taking place. I was really excited to go because it is really once in a life time opportunity because the Olympics may never be in London again and because I live in London it's just great to watch and see everything for your own eyes. The train that I go to go to the Olympic Park in Stratford wasn't actually that congested so that was good because I am slightly claustrophobic. Then when I got to the Park itself there was just so many people, the atmosphere was great, just seeing every other nationality there to support their countries, it was brilliant. When I was walking towards the Olympic Stadium itself, it was quite unreal because I had watched the opening ceremony on the television, and to be right next to it was really good aswell and quite surreal to see how much work was put in to making it how it is.
I'd say that the only down point to coming into the Olympic Park was the security, it was acutally like being in an airport being searched. But to be honest that it is a good thing, otherwise it wouldn't be as safe.
I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to go watch the womens Hockey at the Riverbank Arena. I watched to matches. One was played by Argentina vs USA and the United States America won so congrats to you guys.The next match was then played by Germany vs Australia, and Australia one, so well done to you.
I knew hardly anything about hockey before I went to watch it and I came out knowing and realising that it is a very viloent sport, especially with girls, I have never seen it before. I mean literally these girls were pushing each other over, and I thought that other happened only with ice hockey but no, this was field hockey, so i'm shocked. But overall it was very interesting and an amazing experience.
I hope that anyone else who also have to chance to go the the Olympic park and maybe watch an event had a great time!.

Jordane x

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