Friday, 31 August 2012

My Daily Makeup

Hello boys and girls, so I have another beauty post which seems to be becoming quite a regular thing. I might keep it up, but no tutorials!. This post I am just going to be showing my daily make up products which I use, and honestly it is not much at all, maybe to some people it might be but to other girls blogs, woo it's not even close.

1) Body Shop, moisture foundation, SPF 15  in shade 5
2) Jerome Alexander, mineral powder
3) Fashionista Blusher, in butterscotch shade 10
4) MUA eyebrow pencil, in brunette
5) M&S lipstick, in nude
6) Boots 17 soft liner, in soft jet
7) Loreal extra volume mascara, in black

So above I listed numbers one to seven of the main products on the image, and as you can see I do hardly use any items for my daily makeup just because I'm not really a beauty orientated person. However a few items I use I have not actually photographed but they are E45 cream which I use daily just to moisturise before applying my foundation. Also my mac concealer and a variety of other lip products, I can show you these in more detail in future blog posts.

Jordane x

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