Friday, 31 August 2012

Nail Varnishes - #blues

Hey everyone, so here again I have my nail collections, and were on to the colour blues, and just like pinks I'm not too much of a blue person either but I will start to become more aware of all these colour's. Hope you enjoyed the last post and this one too.

So above you can see the blue polishes which take up only a small amount of my collection because as I said before I'm not too much of a blue person. However I have been seeing people wearing blue nail polishes that look really nice, I believe that with a lot of nail varnishes it's about finding the right one that isn't too tacky but quite sophisticated and elegant, even though I don't really think a blue nail polish is classed as elegant or sophisticated!

I'll be back in a next few posts with another nail colour collection, which I have yet not decided on, look forward to then!

Jordane x

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