Sunday, 26 August 2012

outfit & a little ramble

Top - H&M
Shorts - Newlook
Bag - Select
Boots - Primark

Hey Everyone, I am so so so sorry once again for the pure lack of blog posts, I am disgusted in myself, literally. But I hope to be back for good now, to excite you with some very tasteful posts. I haven't really got much to say but I will soon. I have not really been getting as many views as I had since I started blogging, and I hope for that to be because of the lack of blog posts and not what and how I write my posts. 
I recently received my GCSE results back and they were very positive and I am very happy with them, and I hope that any other people which also got theirs back are happy too, and because of my good work and getting good grades my parents decided to treat me, and well they asked me what I wanted and a choose a few little pieces offline and I will show them in a post soon to come. 
I was also thinking of starting up my own YouTube account, so I can make video's for you all too watch. Because I do watch a few You Tubers videos, these who include Zoella 28039Beauty CrushSototallyvlog and many, many more, and they just really interest me, especially video's such as hauls, and all the other fashion related video's. So I am definitely thinking of making a YouTube account, so watch out :). 

Hope you are all well, please keep coming back because I am going to write some really interesting posts, also I am going to talk about an eBay account I have done selling ALOT of clothes and stuff, so come back everyone!!!

Jordane x

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