Monday, 27 August 2012

Shorts, Shorts and lots more shorts!

Hey girls and guys, so recently I have become more and more obsessed with shorts. I haven't got many but I want many. I'm not really talking about a plain pair of denim shorts but shorts which are dip-dyed, tie-dyed, studded with spikes, shorts which have an edge is what I am loving. I was recently skimming through YouTube and I came across a girl group who I am not sure are that known at the moment but i'm sure they will be very soon. Not only did I get attached to their beautiful singing voices but they're sense of style too. Did I mention what these girls are called? Well their name they go by is the Dolly Rockers and let me tell you it's a good name for these girls, with such a rocky style and their trademark tutu's make them just the rockers they want to be!

Soon I am going to start rocking up my own edgy shorts which I am hopefully either going to a blog post of a video on YouTube showing my step by step points, so look out for that.
Below I am going to pick out a few pairs of rocky and edgy shorts from different stores, some less of money and maybe some a little more expensive just to give you an idea of the type of shorts I am loving!

Ragged Priest

I hope you liked this post and that you all love shorts the same as I do at the moment, and i'll speak soon. Bye.

Jordane x

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