Thursday, 30 August 2012

teeny tiny haul!

Hello everyone, so today I have a teeny tiny haul and literally it is tiny, because it only consists of two items and I love them very much. There would of been one more item which was a watch I ordered from Asos but the actual face of the watch was huge, so I will be returning that. But I did get another jewellery item from Asos which was the very popular pack of three plain band rings in gold. I was contemplating whether to by the silver which I'm sure they do, but then I was buying a gold watch but now I haven't got a gold watch there a little useless, but I still do love them in gold and I will keep them.

As you can see from the back of the ring they are adjustable to make bigger or smaller depending on the size of your finger, obviously. These rings were only £8 which I think is a brilliant price for three rings. I am definitely going to be ordering my jewellery  from Asos in the future.
To find these rings on Asos CLICK HERE.

Next on my haul list I have a clutch bag I am in love with and just need some where to use it to. It is the cream, gold, studded clutch bag from Select, which I am sure also comes in black even though in the shop where I brought mine there was no black. I have so many dark coloured bags so I decided why not go for something a little bit different and so I brought the cream one.

So I hope you all enjoyed this little 'haul' post and I hope you come back for some more on my blog.

Jordane x

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