Monday, 3 September 2012

BooHoo £50 Blogger Challenge

Hi, everyone so I am taking part in another challenge based around compiling outfits together under a certain budget. This time I was contacted by a lovely lady from to take part in winning a £50 voucher to spend on the lovely items on
To find out more about this competition the link will be just below: 

So below I have put together an outfit used from their selection.

My outfit

Total : £50

So as we are nearly going into Autumn weather, I based this look around the British weather, being really cold and windy. So I know that I prefer to be comfy in the winter and so I piled together these items together. I did find it quite hard completing this challenge, because there are so many lovely items and trying to put a full outfit together with a price range of under £50 it was definitely a challenge.
But I ended up choosing these skinny, leather esc trousers as they are quite on trend and a very stylish too. I then went for just a basic top with a pop of colour, as I didn't want this outfit to be too dark. I then choose these shoes as I believe many people are loving them and they are very affordable and also very good for different occasions. Then I just had £5 left to pick an item and I ended up going for this tassel pendant necklace that was in the sale from £12 to £5, what a great bargain!

Jordane x

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