Monday, 3 September 2012

DIY - Studding shorts

Hey everyone!

So I am here today showing you a little DIY I have done and that I said I would blog about, and it's studding a pair of shorts that I haven't cut from jeans but I just brought these ones as they are for this DIY. So I will start by showing you step by step. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1 - Gather you materials and equipment 

So, the first step is quite obvious you need to grab everything you'll be needing. That is your shorts, studs and also something flat so you will be able to tighten the studs. So the studs I will be using are the silver pyramid ones. I found these at a little haberdashery shop in London, and as you can see I got 20 in a pack for £3.85 which is quite expensive seens though I needed two packs to complete this DIY. I would definitely recommend you buy your studs from eBay where you may pay around £5 but for a hundred studs which is a really good price. Then I needed something flat so I opted for a very blunt knife, but you can use anything even you own fingers to do this.

Step 2 - Think about where you want your studs to go

So once you have all your equipment together you'll need to have a little think about where you actually want to put your studs. I choose to put mine in one of the pockets but you can be as creative as you want to be.


Ok, so you may have all your studs but you have to make sure you have the right amount before you start studding. You should be able to remove them once you have placed them but it saves you time wasting. So make sure you just count to see you have enough.

Step 4 - Start studding

So, just to start off they aren't my hands, my mum decided to punch the first few studs through, as I hadn't a clue what to do, even though I don't think its too difficult. So pretty straight forward, once you know where your studding, you just start putting the stud 'claws' through the material and then bending them down, so they are secure and that when you wear them your leg isn't at danger with them.

Step 5 - Just keep going

Ok, so at this point I had finished my first line of studding and ready to go to the next, so I haven't got much to say at this point except keeping going!

Step 6 - Your all finished!

Right, I haven't got much else to say except that your done and you've now got your own pair of studded shorts and you did it all buy your selves!

I will hopefully be back soon with more DIY's an suggestions?

Jordane x

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