Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hello everyone, so I have a haul for you today and the items I purchased were from the shops Primark, Superdrug and another one which I don't know the name of, but it's really cool and I will talk about it below the image.

So these were the items I purchased and I will start off from the Primark part which is most of it. Firstly I brought the black shorts, which I had been searching for a pair for a long time but the unfolded ones, however I couldn't find some and decided to opt for these pair. They were at a great affordable price, £5 and I am going to have a lot of fun studding them soon, which I will also blog about. 
Next, I brought the two-piece pyjama set, which consists of a very short, short pair of shorts and a little cute vest. When I was picking my size for my vest, I picked up a size 12 which is what it said on the hanger because I was stupid enough not to look at the actual tag inside which said a size 16 -18. So make sure when you go to Primark, if you do, take no notice of the hanger because they have the wrong sizes on, remember! and the pyjama's were in the sale from £3 to £1 each piece.
Next item were just a boring three pack of tights, which I haven't got much to say about than that I will be wearing this with shorts when I go to college, oh and that they were £3. 
Then I got an amazing item which I am obsessed with and it is the very long spiky necklace. I have been looking for one of these for ages even though they are everywhere, but I was looking for the right one and it turns out it was in Primark! but I love it and will get good wear out it. I purchased this for £4.
From Superdrug I just brought the Sally Hansen, 'Maximum Growth, daily nail treatment' nail polish which does wonders for my nails, they honestly grow in a week! This cost me, or lets say my mum just under £5, which I think is pretty good for what it does and that is why I brought it for the second time.
Lastly, I was searching everywhere for a haberdashery because I want to start buying some little decorative items that I can start customising clothes with and also because I wanted to buy some more studs and I finally found one, and I am so happy they have everything I could of wanted, but today I just purchased two packs of silver pyramid studs which came with 20 in a bag and so I brought two bags, so I will definitely have some DIY posts to come.

Jordane x

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