Sunday, 2 September 2012

Passion for Fashion

Hello everyone, so I have decided to take part in Money Supermarkets 'Passion for Fashion' competition, which is really exciting, and so this may not really be good for you but you can have a look through and maybe get a few outfit idea's for different occasions. 
To find out more about 'Passion for Fashion' visit the link below. 


Total: £130

So, the party outfit I created was based around British weather and being comfortable. For a party everyone, well I think most people want to be comfortable and that's why I went for a playsuit and not a dress, because when your moving around a party and dancing there may be a split chance your dress would fly over your head, (not literally) and that's why a playsuit is great for being comfortable and not worrying whether the back of your dress is tucked into your knickers when you come out the loo. So everyone know's that British weather is very cold, windy and just horrible, and just like being comfortable that's why I opted for a playsuit instead of a dress. Also I didn't choose a platform shoe because if your standing on your feet all night or dancing you want good foot wear that ain't going to kill your feet in the morning. Most of the items in this outfit, e.g. playsuit, clutch and shoes are quite pricey but they would definitely be items to be worn again. 

First Date

Total: £124

So, before I started to blog this post I was really thinking hard about the 'first date' outfit and mainly thinking about this dress. This dress came in two different colour's, red an black,  and the red one hit my eye first, but then I was thinking shouldn't your first date be quite sutle and not too in your face, so I then went to the black one but after all this I changed it and the one I was in love with was the red. I just think it looks really classy and elegant and it is definitely a good strong, thick material for the British weather, and I think £42 for this dress is a great price and can be worn on many other occasions like at Christmas time, as red is such a festive colour. When choosing the shoe to go for this dress, I definitely wanted something small heeled, as you don't want to make this dress look tacky, and these Aldo suede, peep-toes are perfect! and can also be a shoe worn again and again. Lastly, the necklace caught my eye for being very girly and that's why I thought it was perfect for this occasion. 

Office Wear

Total: £127.98

So this office wear outfit, is definitely suited to the British weather. I've chosen a long pencil skirt with a slight slit, which has definitely got style for going to an office in. I then chose the black shirt with long sleeves as the early mornings will be pretty chilly. I then picked out these pointed toe Zara heels that I think are perfect for this outfit and I am sure they are quite comfortable which is a major aspect when wearing a pair of heels to work. And the bag was such an affordable price. All of Zara's clothes and accessories have very strong materials that are garenteed to last for a long time even the cheaper items. So this bag being for only £19.99 is definitely a bargain!


Total: £166.99

I was so excited to start on the 'Casual' outfit, as I love everyone of the items, and they are definitely comfortable pieces to wear for a day to day outfit. This outfit is quite pricey but the items which I have picked out, will be garenteed to last for a while. Britain can be quite a dark place in the winter times and that's why I decided to pick this pale pink jumper out and pair it with each of the other black items, just to brighten it up.


Total: £158

When putting this outfit together I wasn't too sure what an 'outdoor' outfit was, I know you have to have a coat, boots and a hat/scarf if it's the winter, so I just threw these five items together and I actually quite like it.  I decided to put just a cheap pair of leggings as I didn't want it to be the main focus, but once you do purchase a pair of leggings you definitely will wear them again without a doubt. I then chose this lovely mint jumper that is suited for winter times. Then on top this puffa coat for £50 is a little pricey but also very good for this jacket as it is very stylish with the fur collar, and the collar was the reason I didn't pick a scarf for this outfit but I did pair this cute little beanie hat for £13. Last of all the best item, is these rocky black studded boots. They are definitely in with the trends at the moment with the studs and I'm sure they will follow through to autumn/winter being exactly the same on trend boots that will be perfect for the British weather. Whether your in the rain, snow or just in the very cold weather.

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