Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rings & Tings

Hello my fellow readers, so a while back I was sent three amazing items which I am so very gratefull for recieving. These item's were jewlerry pieces and they were from an online shop called 'Rings & Tings'. Check out the link because they have some amazing accessories to choose from and they even sell clothes so don't be fooled by the name.

This bracelet was my favourite item that I received  I usually think hearts are a little young (for young girls) and so that's why I've never actually in the past picked a jewellery piece up like this. However I thought this one was very simple and cute and would go practically with any outfit. I say that because jewellery I wear has to go with the outfit i'm wearing, I am very fussy when it comes to decisions such as that.

My second favourite item which I was sent is this amazing leaf ring. I love this because it has that vintage look about it, and I'm all for a bit of vintage at the moment.

This was my least favourite but I do still like it, I just don't really like the fit of it, well actually it doesn't fit me at all, but that's just because I have overall fatty fingers LOL, but I did give it to my friend, who it did fit and she liked it very much.

Hope you all like some of these items and it would be great to check out the rings and tings store, i'll put the link below.

Jordane x

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