Friday, 26 October 2012


So for a good while now, I have extremely loved watching fashion related video's on YouTube, as well as reading many blogs. I've picked out my favourite six to share with you, just in case you would like any recommendations. I really enjoy watching hauls, to see all the latest items in the high street stores and these six vloggers have amazing hauls and great taste.

For fashion, hair and beauty related video's check out Zoella's YouTube and Blog.

For hauls, the latest trends and beauty related video's check out Beauty Crush's YouTube and Blog.

For hauls and style video's check out Ugly Face Of beauty's YouTube.

For hauls, style, wedding and cooking video's check out So Totally Vlog's YouTube and Blog.

For hauls, style and celebrity interview videos check out Dolly Bow Bow's YouTubeBlog, and Online Boutique.

For vlogs, hauls, and beauty collection videos check out Love Laugh And Makeup's YouTube.

Jordane x

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