Friday, 16 November 2012

Trends I'm loving right now!

Hey everyone!

So I thought I'd do something a little more interesting, because I've got to admit my posts haven't been the  most exciting. Sorry I haven't had hardly any outfit posts up, it's just because when I've been shopping recently I haven't picked much up, but the clothing I have picked up, I've worn on my earliest college days (no idea why) and that's when the house hold is there busiest, so i haven't exactly got a photographer, but on the weekend I promise I'll take a few.
Back to the actual blog post for today, i thought I was excite you all with a trends post, I did one absolutely ages ago, probably back in spring, and that's a long time. It's now autumn and its going to be winter soon, so were all going to have that time when we need idea's what to buy when we go shopping. I thought I was switch it up a little though, instead of putting the trends straight down, i thought I'd give you my favourite trends of the moment and a few to come. I don't actually own any of the items I've picked out to show you, because some of them are a little pricey, but these are on my wish list. When ever my wish list will come alive I have no idea , hopefully soon! lol. The trends that I will be included are all about texture and patterns, because I'm actually going mad for them. They will be leather, velvet, sequins and the camo print. These are also trends I've seen alot on the streets at the moment and also in lookbooks.

So to get straight to it, I've firstly picked out a few clothing items which all include the camo print, obviously camo print is HUGE at the moment, i even had to buy myself a camo jacket. I think they can be statement pieces in an outfit, you can use one camo print and then add loads of other prints to make it look vibrant and exciting, however I prefer to leave it simple and wear my camo jacket with plain trousers/jeans/leggings (preferably black), just because I wouldn't feel all that confident walking into college on a casual day looking so done up with patterns, but it definitely has been done before and can look very stylish on the right occasions. Also other than camo being a huge hit this season, just using a clothing item that is khaki is great too. My khaki jacket with leather sleeves from Primark (which you can buy everywhere now) which I absolutely love, is a great casual piece as well.

So all the items I've picked out from the camo trend category, are all pieces from Zara. I know Zara is very pricey, but I do think their clothing is brilliant quality and so sorry if these pieces are to expensive, but you can find duplicates from other clothing stores e.g. Primark or Miss Guided. I choose the same trouser to show you, but two different colours, just to show that camo print doesn't always have to come in khaki. I actually really love the blue colour camo because it's different, and I don't think you will see many people walking around with the camo colour on. I think these trousers are around £30 to £35, i'm not too sure but be sure to check out Zara's website for more information.
The second item I choose to show you is a khaki camo print shirt with gold studs on each pockets. I think camo shirts go brilliantly with just a plain pair of black trousers/jeans, as shown in the picture. There is quite a similar shirt in Primark if your not willing to pay for this exact one. I would definietly myself probably go buy the Primark shirt, just because living on how much money I earn, this Zara one is a little bit expensive for me.

The next trend I have decided to focus on is leather, and again two of these items are from Zara, but they have similar items in many other shops. However one of the items is from Miss Guided which is still a little pricey but for the item it is, you may be willing to pay for it. Leather for me is my favourite texture this season and has been for a while, I think it's timeless, it can be matched up which so many other pieces, and simply it's just very stylish. My favourite leather piece has to be my Topshop leather coat which a fur collar. I can wear it with absouloutley anything! and also the design of it is different, the added fur collar, (which can be taken of) is perfect for the winter. If I was to talk more about my leather jacket this blog post would take up a whole page, so I think I'm going to stop talking about my leather pieces and give you guys a few idea's.

So the first item i've picked out for you all today, is definietly on my wishlist. It's the dark red, burgundy flowing top with leather sleeves. Now firstly the dark red colour itself is definietly a colour for the season, i've seen it everywhere! I even have it in my own wardrobe. It's been on clothing, makeup, nail polishes and shoes! So i'm guessing it will be in for a while. Secondly the leather arms give this top a very stylish finish, thats all I simply have to say, they are amazing, i love it! and it's only £19.99, i need it! 
Next item it the faux leather pants, I've literally just bought a pair from River Island, I havn't wore them yet, but I have them lined up, with a pretty lime coloured blouse. Leather pants are so simple and go with pratically anything you wanted, literally! You can wear these casual, smart, party, it's just about puttting the right acessories together. 
Lastly, I think I fell in love with this coat, there are two diferent trends in this, leather and tweed, and guess what? the tweed is dark red, perfect! Item's like this can be tricky pairing up with the rest of the outfit but where something like the model in the picture and it'll look great. This coat is around the £50 mark but I think buying a coat can be quite pricey. I wouldnt necessarily buy this coat at the moment, until the weather does get less chiller, which will probably be next year around march, so this coat in this post was possilbly not that helpful, but I just couldnt resist sharing it with you all.

The next trend is something which I've seen alot in Topshop and think that it will be huge for Christmas, SEQUINS. I have seen a couple of lovely pieces which I would wear to Christmas parties, they do have more dressed down sequins that you could wear casually, but I think sequins are perfect for dressing up and partying in. I wore a silver, sequin backless dress from Topshop for my prom ( I had a post on it, if you havn't seen it yet) and I felt so bright and wanted to dance all night long. The are a few bad points to buying full sequin clothing, is that it may be pushed to the back of your wardrobe once you've worn it, just like my prom dress, but if your willing to go all out for a party then why not! you can always sell it on ebay and get your money back. 

As you can see i've possibly picked out the brightest, most glamourous sequin pieces I could find, just because every time i've walked into Topshop my eyes have been glued to these. I've never actually bought myself a peplum top, but I would definietly buy this one, how lovely would it look was a plain black pencil skirt and heels, gorgeous!
Pelmet skirts are the new skirts i'm thinking. I absouletly hate bodycon skirts, I just think they look very cheap which they are, but skin tight mini skirts are not on my christmas lists, for an alternative bodycon pencil skirts are much nicer. However back to this pelmet skirt, don't let the sequins put you off, I've seen so many tweed pelmet skirts, which come in co-ords, which can look lovely, but even if you just want the skirt, pair it with my favourite texture leather, and match a leather jacket with it. 
The last piece I picked which I have just seen on the Topshop website is this gold sequin body con dress with sheer cream floaty arms, sequined collar and cuffs. This would be lovely with a pair of cream heels and your done. Not bracelets or necklaces should be worn because the cuffs and collar will look to much with acessories pilled on top and you don't want it to look tacky. 

Thats it now for my trends post, I hope you all liked it and thought it was helpful, please comment to tell my what you thought and also give me some idea's on what type of posts you would like to read. TEXT OR IMAGES?

Jordane x

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