Saturday, 17 November 2012

American Apparel; Free Gift, Read for more Infortmation


So the other day when I was doing my daily reading of other fashion blogs, I came across one girls post that was talking about a little offer American Apparel was doing. If you love american apparel as much as me read on, if not you still may want to listen. So she was explaining an email she had been sent saying that if she prints her email she can go down to an American Apparel store and pick up a free nail polish. So I had actually forgotten about that offer because I never got an email, but my mum wanted to show me a jumper she liked in there, and then I came across the cutest dog hoodies, and because I am absolutely in love with my Chihuahua Oskar, I couldn't resist buying one. Only £12 :D. However when I got home I put it on him and he loved it but when I took him on a little walk, he peed straight into it. I think the people that made them didn't actually have a male dog in mind. When I was buying the dog hoody though in the store, the women asked me if I was like either a free nail polish, lip gloss, or hair accessory, in exchange for my email address. So I guess even if my dogs hoody didn't fit, I got a free nail polish and I love it.

So if you are interested in this offer then get down to your nearest American Apparel store for your free goody.

Jordane x

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  1. ohh i love my freebies haha, better get myself down there then, your blog is lovelyyyy btwz, keep up the good work :)

    (open to all)