Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A little Christmas update!


So it's been a long time, again! I've been so busy with college and work it's hard to fit time in to blogging, but I do hope to become more regular with my posts, especially now because it's Christmas, and I can't wait till the 25th. Even though now that I've got slightly older, I actually like the bit before Christmas day, like getting into the Christmas mood, because once the 25th comes it's all over and sad. Also Christmas time gives me loads of idea's for blogging, like Christmas outfit posts, picture posts, Christmas food posts,  out and about vlogging (picture) posts and a lot more :). Recently, I have been watching YouTube's fashion/beauty guru's Vlogmas video's and I love watching them! especially Beauty Crush's , and Tanya Burr's (great video's if your reading), so instead of making video's I might do a vlogmas (a late vlogmas) running up to Christmas day with pictures instead. If you have any ideas that you'd like me to blog about then please comment on the post, Or if you visit my 'contact' page you'll find other ways to contact me.

& for a little something to get you in the mood, my CHRISTMAS TREE...!

Jordane x

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