Friday, 7 December 2012

Blogmas - Day 1

Hey everyone!

So this is Blogmas, day 1 but really it isn't it's like day 7 but oh well, i'll start late. I've taken a few pictures from my day to show you what i've been up to, which isn't much at all, because I go to college everyday and work every weekend. But I will try and get a few interesting things in. A few weeks ago I visited Somerset House for a couple of photography exhibitions as a trip for my photography class, so I took I photo's to show you and that will be in a different post coming along the way. I hope you enjoy my blogmas's, even though they are hardly exciting. 

On the way to college - beautiful sun

Blogging in college for media

Found this beautiful dress on ASOS that I love, and WANT!

Editing my first ever video for YouTube

Watching Pointless Blog's vlogs

Having my first every candle lit bath, which was like heaven, and so pretty!

I love Taylor Swift's new single red, which probably isn't too new any more.

Jordane x

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