Friday, 7 December 2012

Tim Walker & Cartier Bresson photography exhibitions


So a few weeks ago I visited Somerset House, as I was off to see two of the photography exhibitions that were taking place and will be for a while. It was great having the chance to go to Somerset House, because in February I am attending the London Fashion Weekend, which I am extremely looking forward to, and I might go do some street style photography while the London Fashion Week is happening, to see if I can spot some celebs!
I attended two photography exhibitions, the first one was 'Tim Walker- the story teller', which you may have already heard of, or even seen yourselves. And I also saw the Cartier Bresson exhibition. I love taking my photography course at college, as I opens my eyes up to such inspiration, and also learning about photographers themselves. I had never known of Tim Walker until I did go to this exhibition, and I'm now glad that I know of him because his work is so amazing. It's very surreal and inspiring. As an aspiring fashion photographer myself, looking at his work definitely gave me idea's and inspiration for what I would like to do in my own photography. I love Walkers' use of colour and the objects he uses in his photography, it's what makes them so nice to look at. He also has photo's that portray simplicity,the photograph he had taken of Alexander McQueen with the skull and cigarette show just that. Also looking at a photograph that has such a talented, inspiring clothing designer at this point in time when McQueen sadly died a few years ago, yet his work still goes on, is amazing. Just going into the Tim Walker exhibition I could tell was going to be enjoyable, as it was laid out so exciting and interesting, and the fact that the objects he had used in his pictures such as the plane, big doll, and skeleton were all in the exhibitions, it was brilliant, I would definitely recommend it to people who are interested in fashion or fashion photography. 
I also visited the Cartier Bresson exhibition, which wasn't as exciting for me as the Tim Walker one was, but it was definitely interesting. I liked that as you walked into the exhibition you were given plenty of information of the photographer his self, however I was a little stupid, because they gave us the background information on Bresson, I therefore thought all the photographs were taken by him, but they wasn't, so I ended up having the walk all the way round again to take notes on the photographers. But there was plenty of interesting photo's to look at, I loved the use on tone in many of them. I really like black and white photos and this is what a few of them were and so they were the favorites of mine.

The pictures below will contain photo's from around Somerset House, Tim Walker exhibition and me, unfortunately I was unable to take any photo's in the Cartier Bresson exhibition because in fact you wasn't allowed to take photos in any of the galleries but I was more able to take some in the Tim Walker one, so sorry about that. But I do definitely recommend you all go an check them out, and they are free. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment to tell me what you think. Thanks!

Jordane x

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