Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Daily Want... Western Ankle Boots

 Hello my darlings,
So I've decided to really think about new blog posts recently, because I don't want it to get boring for you to come back (if you do), and so I do have a few idea's but I've seen a lot of people doing daily/weekly/monthly wants, and I decided to start doing my daily wants because I have so many that I probably wont get. The first one are these little ankle boots below that I noticed a couple of weeks back when I was in good old M&S(Marks and Spencer's), and I was presently surprised to find something in there that I really liked. I think these boots will go so nicely in the Summer paired with dresses, skirts and shorts or in Spring with just denim jeans and a loose white tee. The outfit ideas just keep rolling in, I just so can't wait for the weather to get nicer, which I hope it does. In London we never know what to expect usually our Summer is Winter, we hardly get a day of sun.
Ok, so that probably was a little over reacting we do get a good few hot days but in the last few years it's been only for around a week maximum, which is still pretty shit, that's why I live for my abroad holiday, it's just so relaxing, and boiling hot. You can wear bikini's, dresses, shorts, skirts, sandals. Just writing about it, is making me day dream.
Yeah so back to the shoes, I think your getting a little more than what you bargained for reading this post, it's getting all personal, you lucky human beings (JOKE). But, these shoes are just under £30 which is amazing, so these will be definitely something I will buy and most probably this Sunday, so if I do, I may do a how to style post dedicated to each season. If that sounds good, let me know.
I just want to say, when I say let me know, please, please, please do comment on the post, because I love getting comments from my readers it cheers me up a lot. So even if you say hi, I was mostly appreciate it :)

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