Saturday, 2 March 2013

London Fashion WeekEND

hello lovelies!

So I know I said this post would be put up last weekend but things have been so crazy, and not in an exciting or good way. I have had so much coursework to finish up and hand in this week, so I had to make that my main priority, but this post is finally here! I attended London Fashion Weekend last Saturday, and it was really, really good. I loved the show and looking around at all the lovely clothes to buy. The only negative let down of the day was the weather but who cares when there's so much fashion to see. I got a few shots but I was unable to get a street style snaps because everyone was inside to it was busy and hard to pull someone out of the crowd and ask for a photo, but I am sure you can look a Google at all the style that's been going around LFWE and LFW. I brought two items, which there isn't a photo on this post but if you follow me on instagram I posted them on there. If you don't follow me on instagram get on there a follow me! I'll put my insta name at the bottom of this post.

the white marks on my hair & dress are snow particles not marks!

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