Wednesday, 10 April 2013

lets have a ramble? College, Photography & Company blogger awards.

Hello everyone, hope you all well. So I thought I'd do a little ramble for you today, seems though I haven't done a post in quite a while. First of all sorry, and the thing is I am a little bit tired of saying sorry because I've said it so much. Now I am a very busy girl at the moment, because I just have so much going on. If you are around my age (17) and are in college, doing a-levels, or even if you are doing GCSE's and then you'll know what a stress and struggle it actually is. Exams are approaching and I actually have a 5 hour photography exam next week, which is very stressful, it's not a written exam, a part from the evaluation at the end but it takes a lot of creative thinking. I have a photography blog which I'm going to talk further about this on, so if you are interested ill link it HERE. A part from the photography exam I have 3 other exams in May, which I have to revise immediately for, but it's not like GCSE where you revise the night before, I have to revise a lot because I need to pass, to go along with my plan for the next couple of years (anyone else make a plan? so organised right). As well as revising and being at college, I also have a part time job, which prevents me from doing revision and so any time I can possibly get will involve school books.

So off the point of why I haven't been blogging and why I am so busy. I have created my YouTube channel, which is also fashion and I've also got some beauty and reviews so I'll link it at the bottom for you to check out, and I think video's can sometimes be a little more interesting than reading so if you do prefer someone else doing the talking then check it out. A part from this I have been trying to plan photo-shoots. Now I am aiming to be a fashion photographer as my future career, it's something that I am mostly interested and I've always loved taking photos so I think its the perfect career for me. But everyone in the photography sector knows that to get jobs or internships you need to have experience and a lot of companies look for people with an exceeding portfolio, so the only place where I am lacking at the moment is the portfolio, I haven't started to create one, which is probably a bad idea. I have though got a sketch book where I can start to prepare different shoots that my give me successful images to put in the portfolio. I am also looking out for work experience placements that can help me achieve/gain more experience. My photography class at college obviously only gives me the basic knowledge in what I wish to do, so getting real experience will be amazing.

I have also recently noticed that the Company #Style Blogger Awards 2013, are taking place, and I thought I'd nominate my self to get me started and would also love it if you guys would nominate me. I haven't got a huge follow on here which I am a little gutted about because I do try and put my all into this blog even though I do slack a little, I have never given up on it. If you would like to nominate me then please nominate in the category Fashion blog newcomer (I believe its in those words). I have the link on the right side of my blog, right at the top you should notice it, click on there and nominate Thanks girls and guys!

I hope you've enjoyed this little ramble, and come back for more!

Jordane x

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