Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring/Summer WANT list?

Hey guys, so this post is going to show you the different items that I am lusting over for the Spring/Summer, this is going to include fashion and beauty. I don't want to ramble for too long because my last few posts have been very long, so lets get to it.


eBay Tassel bag - these are all over eBay at around £13, which is an amazing price and I think the boohoo chic fringe look is great for this summer, I want one so badly!
Buy it Here.

Spot Stretch Crop Tee

I love this crop top and have done for a while, I love the retro vibe, and could see this paired with some mom jeans or for the hotter weather some vintage high waisted denim shorts.
Buy it HERE for £10 at Topshop

Black Cut Out Longline Bikini
Now everyone's going to need some swimwear for the hotter months or even if your travelling abroad to a sunny destination. Now I've always wondered what sort of bikini would suit my body shape, which is larger hips and a smaller waist, and I'm pretty sure the two piece above would suit it perfectly. I would be a little worried to wear this at first just in case it looked granny like, but I love the retro look and I think this is definitely a retro piece, you can pick these up in all different styles and colours.
Buy it HERE for £30 at Topshop

Pink Kitty Bandeau Bikini

Again with the swimwear, I really wanted to show you all this one, you've probably all seen it before as I believe they were a big hit year last year but I absolutely love this bandeau two piece, it's bright and very unusual and its always good to swap between straps and no straps so you don't get lines.
Buy it HERE for £32 at Topshop.

Image 1 of ASOS Classic Retro Sunglasses
Now I really wanted the original Ray Ban Clubmaster sun glasses, but I realised they do cost an awful lot of money which I could spend on a few items rather then one. The sun glasses above are from ASOS but look exactly the same as the clubmasters and there only £12, which is far from £130, so these will definitely be on my list as well as most of the other gorgeous sunnies sold on ASOS.
Buy it HERE.

Image 4 of ASOS Skater Skirt in Tie Dye Print

Skirts are definitely my thing especially this summer, and this Tie Dye one from ASOS will look amazing for so many different occasions paired which heeled ankle boots as shown in the image above.
Buy it HERE for £16.

Image 4 of ASOS Maxi Skirt in Scarf and Spot Print

This is the last fashion item on my list, but I love it , I have never been able to bare the leg split or in fact even bare wearing a maxi skirt, but I love this and I think it would look the best with a simple top and a pair of biker boots. Biker chic come at me!!


I first noticed this nail polish on Lexi from SototallyVlog & Fashion Filth, and I fell I love. Now I don't usually go for blues but this polish is exceptional, even though the colour it looks on the bottle isn't actually how it shows up on the nail, which is ok because I prefer how I look on the nail. I never usually go high brand for nail polishes but this product is around £13, which isn't too bad, I think I can spare that from my purse.
Buy it HERE for £13.50 at Illamasqua.

I am loving the two real technique brushes I have already, and the core collection is the next that I need to purchase, I've been watching to many tutorials on how to use these and its making me want them so badly, they are a little pricey singly but £21.99 for 4 is amazing and they are totally worth it!
Buy them HERE from Boots Pharmacy.

That's it for my Spring/Summer want list, I think I probably do have many more things that I want but it would just take long too write down, so I hope you enjoyed this post, and come back for more, also check out my YouTube page, that you'll find linked on the main bar.

Jordane x

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