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B.Pure Micellar Water - Review

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Just to let you know before you start reading the whole review, I will have a video up on my YouTube channel, talking about exactly what's going to be written on here, so If you prefer to read then carry on because if you would prefer me to do the talking then head over to my YouTube channel, I shall link it just below:

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So today I am writing my first review, because I myself have become quite fond of reading reviews, because I think they give you good insight into different products pros and cons, obviously there are negative things about reviews which are, if someone is reviewing a skin product and raving about it and saying its an amazing product because it clears blemishes in a week, it doesn't mean that it will do that for every other person that uses it, because it depends on skin types, you may have really oily or really dry skin, it always depends. In the past I have been very weary of what to use on my face because my skin has become very sensitive over the past year and a half, which I'm pissed about because I used to have perfect skin, not one blemish, but when the late teens hit me, I was like one big pimple, does any of you share this same annoying thing?! However I have become quite fond of trying different products and reading reviews has really helped me to learn about new products and try them out, most of the ones I have tried has given me spots but the one I am here to talk to you about today is the B.Pure Micellar Water. I had never, ever heard of this brand or product before until I went and had a quick through the products Superdrug was selling, that's when I came across it. I decided to buy it because it was discounted (we all love a discount) at about £3.99, and also because it was its own brand, I don't always like using Superdrug or Boots home brands, in less their super raved about.
When I got home, before I used this product I decided to search up on YouTube some reviews on this particular product, I came across a few, and a lot of them were saying that it was a lot like or compared a lot to the Bioderma, which I think is a French product, I've never used it. I know you can purchase it off of eBay and Amazon (and probably other online stores too) but it's about £13 without postage, which I don't see the point in. Even though I really want to visit France soon, so if I did I'd pick a few bottles up, just in case its amazing.
Just a little info on the Micellar Water, it is a "quick and easy 3-in-1 cleanser that dissolves impurities in a single sweep, no water required. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive". The fact that this product is ideal for sensitive skin, is what really stood out to me, because hopefully it would have the least worst effect on me. I have combination skin, my nose does become very oily as well as part of my forehead, but the rest is dry. I use this product with a cotton pad in the morning before my makeup (you don't need to use water to wash it off) and also in the evening after I take my makeup off.
When I first started to use this product it felt really, really refreshing, also a little sticky when it first goes on because obviously as I said you don't wash this off with water, but after a couple of minutes it soaks in and left my skin mostly smooth. After a few goes of using this product I did come out in a few blemishes. Which I thought may be a little normal because I've changed products and so my skin needs to get used to something different. So I kept on using it, now I've now been using this for about a week, which probably isn't the longest time to wait to see how a product is going, but I have actually seen a change and it is a positive change. When I've taken my makeup off in the evening and washed it with water, it usually would be very blotchy which red patches and it would stay like that, you would also see a lot of marks from spots I've had in the past, which is the most annoying this about my skin. Now when I take my makeup and wash my face with water, my skin complexion has become a lot better I don't have red blotches (except on my cheeks a little, because I have rosy red cheeks), it is pretty even, which I am most glad about but also I'm sure some of the marks are starting to disappear, which I am guessing is to do with this product because I haven't seem them budge at all before using it.
So this is the end of my review, I hope you've had a good insight into the pros and cons of this product and that I have been a slight help. As I said this product may not work for you the way it has worked for me, I have combination skin, you may not so it most probably will work differently, there's no harm in trying, in less your allergic to a certain substance used in the ingredients, then don't use it! I don't want to be held responsible for a bad skin reaction.
Have fun trying out different skin products, let me know of skin products you would like to try and maybe I can do it for you by reviewing it, and also let me know if you've used the Micellar water, and how it worked for you. Just leave some comments.

Jordane x

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