Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hello my lovely subscribers and readers, another short blog post for you today, I felt like I needed to come on here and write about my favourite fashion mags and talk about a new one that is in fact Miss Vogue.
So I've never really collected anything in my life except pennies for my holiday/airport spending money, anyone else done that? well anyway I don't really think that counts. However since January I thought I would start to collect my ultimate favourite fashion magazine which is Vogue. We can all probably agree on that there isn't too much to read in them, except a few captions of where the outfits are from and how much they cost, but me being totally fashion photography obsessed, this is the best magazine I could possibly read. From the ins and outs of this largely stacked together piece of wonderful, us readers get to see the new trends and the designers who are producing some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  clothes to suit those trends, so what can't we love? possibly that we haven't got the money to buy those clothes. Vogue will definitely be my number one for a long time!

The next magazine that has always caught my eye but I haven't read it much is ELLE, it's very similar to Vogue, however I'd say it has more writing. So I think this would be a brilliant magazine for travelling situations such as long car or train journeys, I don't think it will keep you very occupied on plane journeys, you may need a few more mags to go with it. Which is ok becasuse who doenst love to buy stacks of magazines for holidays/vacations, I love it, because you can use them while your sunbathing as well. This month ELLE see's newly turned rock chic Miley Cyrus on the front cover, rocking her stuff. She's not very Disney anymore is she?

The last magazine that I wanted to talk about is Miss Vogue, it's new and I'm not too sure whether it's staying or it was just a one off, but I love it. This month it came in a pack with the Vogue itself, which is amazing, and again I don't know whether it will always be like that, but it would be brilliant if it is. First of all the cover of Miss Vogue gives off a fun and young vibe, perfect for us teenage girls but I think it is pretty suitable for you older ladies too, and of course it had Miss Cara Delevigne who happens to be my absolute girl crash, I love here, despite the fact she was caught with a white powder, as shown in this weeks Daily Mail showbiz news. Tut Tut, Cara, don't ruin yourself your beautiful! Lets get back to the magazine then, and as I was saying how pretty and fun the front cover is, you should check out the inside, jam packed with beauty, fashion, styling and hot models. So enough said, go get your own Miss Vogue, and let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these three amazing magazines, comment below telling me yours, and maybe I can include them in a blog post soon. Bye.. xx

Jordane Davis

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