Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Coachella Street Style

Hello my lovelies, so this post is pretty late, I just haven't had time to post it, but it's here now. So Coachella Festival over in America is always going to be something I have to visit, it just looks amazing, and because I haven't yet gone, its just right that I keep up to date on whats happening and what people are wearing. I have seen plently of amazing festival fashion, ranging from Vanessa Anne Hugens boho chic attire to Tallulah Willis's barely nothing there outfit, but surprisingly I loved it! Below I will be showing you the outfits that have stood out the most to me and some that just didn't work for me. Hope you enjoy.

So as I said Tallulah Willis's barley no outfit there, surprisingly surprised me because I actually like it, and I think it's because of mainly how she styled it so chic. The worn out, distressed looking boots, give it the festival vibe and the sun glasses, were particularly my favourite, as cat eye sunnies are a big hit this spring/summer. Last of all the baby pink back pack gives this outfit the girly touch it needs.
So Hugdens definitely stood out the most to me in this outfit and along with all the others which I will insert below. But this one was so festival chic, I wanted it straight away! Similar to Tallulah Willis's outfit, I love how Hudgens has styled this with accessories. The heavy leather backpack adds a little grunge to contrast with the pretty white two piece. And the flower crown adds a lot as well, and looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Ok, so I love this outfit, I love how it contrasts to the usual festival outfit. It's pretty and flirty and shes wearig white heels! Who wears white heels to a muddy festival. I am absoulotley loving Co-ords at the moment, especially ones like this. High waist skirt and a bandau give it that girly but sexy vibe.
Many thanks for reading this post, insert some links in the comment boxes below to show me your favoritte outfits of this years Coachella Festival. Much love , Bye x
Jordane Davis

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  1. Great photos,especially love the tie dye maxi skirt, sooo cute! xxx Hayley-Eszti