Monday, 16 September 2013

"I laid my eyes on this amazing blush by Chanel"

I don't usually purchase any higher priced makeup, I usually keep to a few items from boots and Superdrug, and then a few months ago I purchased my everyday make such as foundation, power, blusher etc., from MAC. Then about a month ago when I was in the airport, leaving London to go to sunny Zakynthos, I laid my eyes on this amazing blush by Chanel. (The pictures may be showing the blush quite pink toned, but its peachy, coral). For a while now I have been using coral and peachy toned blushes, because I think they suit my skin tone better, it's the same with clothes, I have a beautiful coral top from H&M which compliments my skin tone really nicely. My favourite is Sleeks in 'Suede', but it's very matte, which is perfect for winter months, which here in London were going to have plenty of, but this Chanel one has a shimmer to it which is good when the sun is out, so it looked amazing abroad.

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