Saturday, 14 September 2013

"lavish themselves in the most expensive jewelled dresses"

who else loves the 1920s? all those gorgeous silhouette dresses!
I am particularly a huge fan of 1920s fashion, I think its when women were most elegant. Although the style of most 20s dresses were similar, they were all as beautiful as the other, with there own unique touches. Some drenched in jewels, others bright and coloured and the rest plain but beautiful. I realised how much I loved the 20s women's style when I first watched the Great Gatsby not long ago. It is set in 1920s America where women would lavish themselves in the most expensive, jewelled dresses.
When I research through the 1920s fashion, the women all look very classic and sophisticated, with their sleek bobs, loose silhouette dresses, kitten heels and their beauty of course. I literally feel like dressing up now! If I could do one thing, I'd love to time travel to every different fashion trending generation, and to be able to spend at least one day dressed up in its clothes, I think that would be amazing. What would you do, if you could time travel?

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